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How this simple tip can significantly boost your online presence as a small business


Sound familiar?

You are a small business owner or startup, and you’ve decided to expand your business by establishing an online presence. Where do you start? You hear lots of buzzwords when it comes to building an effective picture of your business on the net… SEO, mobile-responsive, meta tags, just to name a few. You have limited resources to spend, so you need to figure it out quickly. It is indeed confusing, and at some point, you might ask yourself… Shouldn’t there be a clear path or process to set up my business online that every agency follows? The short answer: unfortunately, no!

The Reality

There are many agencies out there claiming to help you transform your website or e-commerce store, but their main focus is one of three: Design, Development, or Digital Marketing.

Now, I have founded multiple businesses in the past before breaking into tech and I know how daunting it is to find the right agency that can provide the right services catered to your specific business. The goal is to find the right one so that you, as an entrepreneur, can focus on your craft, whether that is offering a service or a product.

The Solution

First, let me give you a 360-degree view of an effective online presence strategy for your small business; in order for you to get ahead of the competition online, you will need to have the right digital marketing services that work for your industry, audience, and competition level. For instance, let’s take SEO… you might think every business must have it to become successful; the truth is it DEPENDS! Let’s say you are in a competitive market and dollar value of your services or products are not high, then SEO is not the best strategy for you.

Second, let’s say you find an agency who specializes in digital marketing and they are able to guide you with the right strategy or channel to maximize your spend. This may help to bring new customers to your website, but without considering the user experience, design and layout, you could lose potential customers before they’ve navigated past the home page and your business will suffer as a result.

Last but not least, an effective Digital Marketing strategy with a stellar design would not go too far if it is not functional! We have all heard of websites that look terrible on mobile devices or pages that take forever to load!


To summarize, it is critical to note that in order for your business to deliver powerful results online, you will need to work with an agency that provides all 3 key services: Digital Marketing, Design, and Development. At Gazsix Digital, we believe in the power of 3D, having all three expertise in-house to guarantee real results. Numbers won’t lie! Have a question or comment? Feel free to shoot us an email at: [email protected].

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